Archaeologists of the Yaxuna Project

David Freidel, Principal Investigator for the Yaxuna Archaeology Project, here talking with INAH archaeologist Ricardo Velasquez about consolidation of buildings in the North Acropolis
Co-director, Traci Ardren, in field camp with her son, Morgan Storm, one year old and the lil'est Mayanista.
Co-director, Charles Suhler, looking pretty tough in his pink pith helmet
Sharon Bennett, project osteologist, in a quiet moment away from her pile of bones in the field laboratory.
Jim "Bobo" Ambrosino standing in front of Structure 6F-68 on a pile of termination debris
Dave Johnstone in field camp and contemplating his next shot in a rough game of monte croquet.
No picture yetJustine Shaw, surveying house mounds and extending the map of the city.
Travis Stanton in field camp pointing out a particularly skillful shot in monte croquet.
Nacioceno "'Ceno" Poot, majordomo, here making sure that everyone is clothed and fed. And that the vampire "Chupacabras" stays away.

Ceno's Menu
Quesadillas pollo asado 1 Huevos Rancheros, 2 Huevos Motulenos, 3 Homlet de Huevos, 4 Chuletas Asadas, 5 Milanesa Asada, 6 Sopa de Verduras, 7 Sopa de lima, 8 Carne de Alvondigas, 9 Carne de puntiaguda, 10 Sanwich soncilla, 11 Sanwich club, 12 Verduras con mayonesa y ase y tunas, 13 jet dax, 14 carne a la mexicana, 15 Huevos con mayonesa carnexon,
Coktel de frutas, frutas al orden, orden de frutas sensillos, Coktel de camaron, Carne preparado de amburguesa, Jugos de frutas,

Huevos avotonasdos, Queso napolitano,, Vudin, pan de pay, pan de limon, y un poco de barman

Phil Hofstetter, head of the media guys who always win in monte croquet.

Most of the photos here are courtesy of Tony Idarola, website jockey and project television crew.