Donovan Rittenbach's 3D Yaxuna Movies
The Burning of Structure 6F-68
This is the initial fly-in to Structure 6F-68 during the Termination Ritual. This sequence shows the starting of a ritual fire inside the War Council House.
Close-Up Collapse of Structure 6F-68
Here you see the collapsing of Structure 6F-68 during the Termination Ritual. As the columns fall out, the roof disintegrates. The columns fall onto and shatter ritual water vessels.
Wide Angle Collapse of 6F-68
This is the same movie as above, but it is shot from a greater distance away. It pans back into a nice wide angle shot of Structures 6F-68 and 6F-4.
Fly-Through to Burial 23
Although taking some artistic license, this is a fly-through of the under-stair labyrinth of pyramida Structure 6F-4 ending at Burial 23(along with a little surprise).
Fly-Through to Burial 23(Old Film)
This is the same fly-through of Structure 6F-4 ending at Burial 23. However, this was shot in a style circa 1920, complete with film lines, black and white, etc. This is the most interesting piece, from an artistic point of view.
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