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  • Donovan Rittenbach's 3D Yaxuna Movies
    A series of 3D movies showing Termination Ritual aspects and Burial 23.

  • Poco Xna 3D (2Mb)
    A 3D computer orbit of Poco Xna - the North Acropolis: created by Sam Lazkowski

  • Cha-chak rain god ceremony (1.5Mb)
    The culmination of a 3 day rain god ritual to request the constancy of grace from heaven.

  • Burial 19 (2.3Mb)
    Sacrifice victim buried in the stair labyrinth of pyramid Structure 6F-3, North Acropolis

  • Burial 23 (2.5Mb)
    A king of the Early Classic: the first sealed tomb discovered in the State of Yucatan.

  • Jades (2.5Mb)
    Rare cache of royal jewelry from the summit of pyramid Structure 6F-4, North Acropolis

  • Termination of the War Council House
    "One of our most important discoveries here"