The Yaxuná Project

  • Yaxuná in Yucatan
    Text introduction to the archaeology site.

  • The Archaeologists

  • Papers, Articles, & Reports

  • The Battle for Yaxuná
    A story (in preparation) about the last days of the city.

  • Try it out! Shockwave of Poco Xna-The North Acropolis (1.5Mb)


    These will soon be interactive maps, but right now they are just plain ol' maps.
  • Ancient Yucatan

  • Modern Yucatan

  • Detail of Central Yucatan/Yaxuna area

  • Ruins of Yaxuná
  • Quicktime VR Movies

  • Yaxuná QTVR Homepage

  • Map of Yaxuná Scenes

  • Map of North Acropolis Scenes

  • Try It Out!
    The Courtyard of the El Meson Hotel:
    Oasis for Archaeologists (256k)

  • The Ruins of Ek Balam
    -Central Yucatan (256K)
  • Quicktime Movies

  • Movies Homepage (2Mb)

  • Donovan Rittenbach's 3D Yaxuná Movies

  • Poco Xna 3D (2Mb)
    Sam Lazkowski's 3D Movie of the North Acropolis

  • Yucatán

  • Yucatan Geopolitics
    Preclassic to Modern Era. By Late Fall 1998 this space will feature a Shockwave animation demonstrating imperial episodes in Yucatan.
  • Yucatan Portfolio
    By Late Fall 1998 this space will feature a fine art portfolio of Yucatan Images. The portfolio is the work from seven years of touring Yucatan, the Peten, and Chiapas.
  • Ancient Ruins & Biospheres
    By Late Fall 1998 this space will feature links to Yucatan tours and adventure. In the meantime, I'll be happy to talk with anyone who wishes to find out more about touring or vacationing in Yucatan.
  • Links to Maya &
    Mesoamerican Sites

  • Maya Cosmos
    Quicktime Virtual Reality tours and interviews with prominent archaeologists.

  • Mundo Maya
    Spanish Language Site on the Maya

  • Mayaquest
    Explorations through the Maya area.

    The following two sites link to many specialized Maya and Mesoamerican pages.

  • Thomas Burglin's
    "A Mesoamerican Archaeology WWW Page"

  • Brian Ampolsk's
    Link Page: "Pre-Columbian Archaeology Related Links"
  • Yaxuná Project News

  • 1996 Discoveries
  • 1997
  • The Yaxuná Website

    Make sure to check back with us. In the coming weeks and months we will fill out the Yucatan, Links, and Project News areas....And we'll be adding more Quicktime movies, interactive maps, and furnish more of the scientific papers and reports of the Project. So come on back....We're also happy to answer any questions or inquiries about the website or the project itself. Just e-mail to the address link at the bottom of this page.


    Next Field Season: Live satellite link to website at the archaeological excavations.

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